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If you are a holistic health advocate sharing our mission, join and write for us! Wholistic Hub is the central place for wholistic wellness that integrates the states of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Our key mission is to empower people with information about healthy lifestyle and help them become their healthiest, happiest, most authentic selves, and living a balanced and satisfying life.

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This website is intended to provide a community platform for natural health advocates on a diverse array of topics. Our top-level categories are: living well, nutrition, healthy recipes, exercise, mindfulness, personal development, relationships, beauty, and the environment.
Whether you are a Holistic Health Practitioner, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach or a Certified Wellness Practitioner, Wholistic Hub offers a robust community and a beautiful platform for you to share and enjoy topics from the above-mentioned categories.
Please keep in mind, we share only from our experience, expertise, diets, exercise programs, tested recipes, remedies, herbs, cures, beauty routines and other natural methods that have worked well for us.

Why You Should Share Your Voice With Our Wholistic Hub Community

-Make a difference in the Community and have a positive impact on people’s lives.

-Readers from all over the world will be exposed to your work.

-Personal and Professional Growth.

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Upon approval, you will have your own Author Page with your profile photo or logo, bio, website link, social links and all your articles. Your profile can link to your own website, books, videos or other projects you may have interest in.
We ask that you link to your other interests in a contextual way or in the “About the author” section; blogs that come across as a spammy commercial are not acceptable. You are welcome to share links to your other projects or websites. *Please note we do not provide monetary compensation to our contributors at this time.

How to Become an Author for Wholistic Hub

Step 1. Register with us by using the Register link in the menu above.
Step 2. Confirm your registration and complete your Profile (Name, Photo, About section). Please note, incomplete profiles are not considered as authors and might be deleted to avoid spam registrations.
Step 3. We will review your profile and upon approval, you will receive a notification of a status change.
Step 4. Write and Submit your article according to our Editorial Policy. Once you register, you will have access to more tools and information needed to successfully submit your articles.
Step 5. Our editing team will review the article, provide feedback if necessary, and if approved post the article as soon as we can!
We strive for the highest standard of content and visual appeal, therefore, articles should comply with Wholistic Hub’s Editorial Policy. In addition to the above-mentioned policy, Wholistic Hub places the utmost importance on demonstrating credibility. The articles on our website are held to the highest standard because they are considered YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) articles; in other words, the advice could have an impact on the reader’s health and well-being. YMYL content on any of the Wholistic Hub website must be trustworthy and accurate.
We are looking for authors with a genuine interest in the article’s topic and whose main motivation is to inform and inspire (not to make money). Authors should have a unique perspective and be willing to share their personal experiences with their readers. Articles should be well written, have original insights into the topic, include high-quality media (preferably original), and contain no spelling errors, grammar mistakes, or spammy elements.
We are not looking for articles that have been published elsewhere, are simple regurgitations of content, or that are written purely to promote a blog or brand. We are also not looking for authors whose main motivation is to make money via unnecessary links, products, or spammy SEO practices””if money is your only goal, our website is not the right venue for your information.

What Does It Mean to Demonstrate Credibility

When we evaluate your profile and articles, we are looking for you to demonstrate credibility in these three ways:
1. Professional experience. Are you a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, or a Certified Wellness Practitioner? Maybe you are a Naturopathic Specialist, Ayurveda Practitioner, Herbalist, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist or perhaps Holistic Dentist?  Are you Certified in Personal Training, Yoga, Reiki, Energy work? We would love to have you educate us about some aspect of your practice or professional experience.
2. Personal experience. Do you have personal experience with a specific health condition and overcame it naturally? It will be helpful and sometimes even comforting to learn your story and see how you dealt with a particular problem that other people might also have.
3. Citing your sources. If you use information from other sources, share the links in the article. Please keep in mind, posts must be unique to Posts must not have been published elsewhere online (including your personal blog) or slated for distribution on other sites (we do check for plagiarism).
By registering as an Author with you acknowledge that you accept our terms, editorial policy and any form of editing the WholisticHub editorial team deems necessary.
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