7-Inch Usuba Cutter – Vegetable Japanese Chef Knife

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Stop the usage of poor quality cutlery made of low-carbon steel, which can make your cooking experience a real nightmare

Little Known Ways to Choose Your Perfect Knife

The art of choosing a good vegetable knife involves finding a right balance between 1) quality 2) usability and 3) price

The good news is that you don’t need to look for balance. You’ll have ALL-IN-ONE: rust resistant high carbon steel and ergonomic Pakkawood handle

1) Steel, in particular, German steel is the name of the game to knife quality and long-lasting performance. It is hard enough to maintain a perfect edge for this high-carbon steel. At the same time, it is rust resistant and You’ll easily sharpen and hone your blade when necessary

2) The shape, size, knife balance and handle are designed to ensure excellent usability.

If you’re particular about quality than this vegetable knife is definitely for you:

*** GOOD QUALITY MATERIAL: made with blades of German high-carbon steel which can be sharpened for a clear-cut
*** SECURITY: the full tang guarantees that the Pakkawood handle is attached securely to the blade
*** SHARPNESS: it cuts with accuracy and ease
*** TOUGHNESS: the blade hardness is 57-60 HRC making sure it maintains its sharp edge for a longer period of time
*** RESILIENCE: sturdy stainless steel knives designed to stand the test of time
*** ERGONOMICS: the grip is easy to handle which reduces tension in the wrist, giving you a natural fit
*** EXTERIOR: this cleaver has a nice utilitarian appearance

– The sharpened side is the right side FOR A RIGHT HAND USE of the knife
– Use only to prepare vegetables. The thinness of the blade does not allow for a clean cut, even though small bones
– Keep out of reach of children
– This knife is very sharp and should be used with caution!

INCREDIBLY SHARP: This Usuba knife is a classic, Japanese-style vegetable knife with a straight edge. Usuba means “thin blade”. To achieve this, the knife is made single beveled. This knife is so sharp that it’s going to cut all the way through tomatoes and other delicate vegetables without squishing or damaging its soft skin in the process. It’s also ideal for creating paper-thin, even slices.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: High-carbon 1.4116 German steel is a rust-resistant material that is strong and edge holding. The handle is fashioned from solid and identical Pakkawood which will guaranty you lasting beauty, durability, stable dimensions, and protection from moisture.

BALANCED and EASY TO UTILIZE: This Asian-style vegetable chef knife is lightweight and has a solid balance that can be used by anyone. The knife is very convenient to hold and its slim appearance makes it easy to maneuver. It’s unique blade shape and ergonomic handle make this vegetable knife a great choice for fast chopping, mincing, dicing and cutting through all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits. The sharpened side is the right side FOR A RIGHT HAND USE of the knife.

FIRM, ERGONOMIC and SAFE: This full tang knife is a guarantee that the cutting core and comfortable handle will remain seamless and attached even as you chop. This prolongs the life-span of the knife, making it very protected and at the same time giving you good leverage when chopping.

EXCELLENT GIFT: If choosing a gift is not your cup of tea, or you are tired searching for gift ideas, you might like to check out this nice vegetable knife. This knife will be a wonderful gift for your family, friends and for all keen on cooking.

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