Professional Background

Hi there, my name is Italo.

At the age of 19, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a condition that changed my life and my perception of living and eating healthy. The disease itself was a wake-up call that pushed me to look beyond the conventional medical procedures, as I wasn’t planning on living a life of suffering, relying on medications and spending my days in doctors offices. The disease never prevented me from living the life I wanted. I always fought back, but at one point it started to become unsustainable. I was taking more drugs, experiencing the side effects and the symptoms of the disease were coming back stronger and stronger every time. As a dancer, not having the energy to practice my steps or to stand on my hands, losing my moves every time, I had to stop – it was heartbreaking. I was in pain, physically and mentally but at that time I made a choice— transform that pain into power, for myself, and for others. After reading different relevant scientific studies, research and many trials and errors, I started to have a better understanding of how balanced dietary and lifestyle changes not only can prevent and even reverse disease, like ulcerative colitis but can lead to highly beneficial health effects for everyone. At that stage, I saw my purpose, the one of raising more awareness towards health and general well being in order to help and inspire others to live healthier, happier and more satisfying lives. Lately, I have also been studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and this helped me so much with gaining the right knowledge for coaching others on how to improve their health and lifestyles. Health and lifestyle coaching is my calling, but in my life I have many other passions like dancing, surfing, preparing delicious whole food plant-based meals, reading and travel the world. I hope you will find the information that I’ll be sharing interesting and helpful and if you need my support as health and lifestyle coach, I am here to help you make some lasting positive changes in your life, which will bring out a better version of yourself. I’d be honored to assist you in accomplishing your health and wellness goals!

Much love,

Italo Calandra

Professional Credentials

Institute of Integrative Nutrition
Living an Autoimmune Disease (Ulcerative colitis)

Primary Specialization

Gut health

Secondary Specialization

Weight loss

Third Specialization

Increase energy, mental and physical power.

Methods of coaching/providing service

In-Person, Telephone, Internet (Skype, Email, etc.)

First and Last Name

Italo Calandra






Holistic Health Coach

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