First and Last Name

Dr. Cori Campbell


United States




Holistic Health Coach

Professional Background

I’ve had a fulfilling career as a physical therapist working in many settings and climbing the corporate ladder only to find that someone else’s dreams were not the same as mine for helping others and making an impact on the world. The physical and emotional toll of working long hours in the changing atmosphere of the corporate American healthcare system had made it difficult for me. I found myself as a stressed 30-something woman with constant headaches, poor sleep, forgetfulness, and overactive responses to my environment. Looking for a solution, I started researching holistic healthcare options. Although a skeptic, I was desperate for improvement. I learned simple changes that dramatically impacted my life. I changed my approach to my health and was amazed by what I saw; I was not a skeptic anymore! Within a few weeks I noticed my headaches were gone. I was getting to sleep easier and staying asleep longer. I was able to breathe around dogs and cats where before it would send me to the hospital. I had more energy where before I was struggling to get through the day. As I transformed my lifestyle, people started to ask me what I was doing to feel and look so great. I realized there were many more people out there, just like me, dealing with a lot of the same issues. Before I knew it, this new passion started to become a profitable business. I was successfully building my own company and not someone else’s. My dream of truly helping people and making an impact on the world had come true. Specialty Areas:?? Health and Wellness Coaching??Success Coaching??Physical TherapyI offer health and wellness coaching to those who are truly serious about putting a plan together. If you want to reclaim your life and improve your overall health, please send me a message.I offer success coaching to entrepreneurial-minded professional people. If you want to help others live a lifestyle of wellness, please send me a message.

Professional Credentials

I have my Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy, Master’s degree in Business for Healthcare Administration, and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology.


Primary Specialization

Holistic Health Practitioner

Secondary Specialization

Health, Wellness, and Success Coach

Methods of coaching/providing service

Telephone, Internet (Skype, Email, etc.)

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