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Detoxification is the only way to establish a true balance within the body. Vitality and vibrancy should always be one’s goal. Life then becomes exciting, joyful, and full with energy. Here is how to naturally detoxify your body – 13 easy ways to detox.

1. Drink pure water

It is important to drink enough water to help our bodies eliminated toxins and chemical components of the foods we intake. The amount of water to drink per day doesn’t fit all. However, the amount of fluid needed for your body to function normally is 2 – 3.5 liters daily. We should receive the majority of our water from raw and ripe fruits and vegetables. In their raw state, these foods are composed of 60 to 95 percent water. In addition, one should drink a minimum of two 8-ounce glasses of distilled water daily. Distilled water is said to be the greatest solvent on earth; it is the only true water that can be taken into the body without damage to the tissues. Distilled water assists by dissolving nutrients so they can be assimilated and taken into every cell. It dissolves the wastes of cell life so the toxins can be removed. Distilled water is also great at dissolving inorganic mineral substances lodged in the tissues of the body so that such substances can be eliminated in the process of purifying the body. It does not leach out body minerals. There have been many blood tests conducted during distilled water fasts showing improved and more homeostatic electrolyte percentages. Distilled water does collect and remove minerals that have been rejected by the cells of the body and are therefore nothing more than debris, obstructing normal functioning of the system.

2. Food

Change your intake from acid-forming foods to alkaline-forming foods. Consumption of alkaline-forming foods, which are mainly fruits and vegetables, will begin the detoxification and rehydration process. If you wish to speed up the cleansing process, these fruits and vegetables must all be raw – uncooked and unprocessed. The energies in raw fruits are so high that they speed up neuron transport and endocrine function. Alkalinity is the great detoxifier of the body, so foods that are alkaline-forming will detoxify the body. The more alkaline-forming they are, the greater and deeper you will detoxify.

3. Fasting

Our digestive and eliminative systems become overworked and weakened on a typical diet of meats, grains, dairy products, etc. Fasting allows the pancreas, stomach, liver, intestines, and even the kidneys to have somewhat of a rest. This gives more energy to the immune, glandular and lymphatic systems. Fasting at one level or another is vital in living well. There are many types of fasts you can do.

4. Cleanse the bowels

Poor bowel management lies at the root of most people’s health problems. Before any healing can take place, in all cases, the bowels have to be cleansed first. Without digestion, absorption, and elimination we die. From the colon on is where and how we eliminate our wastes, which is vital to the survival of our bodies. The proper elimination of wastes from food digestion and cellular metabolism is as important as the ingestion of your foods.

5. Stimulate the liver to drive toxins from the body

You can do this by taking herbs such as dandelion root, burdock, and milk thistle, and drinking green tea. There are many other ways to detox the liver which will be a topic of another article.

6. Relax! Meditation

Stress constricts the circulation, the bowels, the organs and the glandular functions. This constriction leads to discomfort and tissue weakness, including constipation, lower back pain, adrenal gland and kidney weakness, anxieties, heart problems and poor food digestion, just to name a few possible conditions. Meditation is one of your greatest tools for relaxation. It allows you to relax every muscle and cell in your body. As the body relaxes, this also relaxes the mind and emotions, which are the main cause of stress in the first place. Meditation is simple, fun, and with practice can be done anywhere, at any time.

7. Exercise

Movement plays a vital role in our health issues. Much of your blood and lymph flow, especially in your lower extremities, move by muscle activity. Notice when you are inactive for a while, either sitting or lying down, you tend to become stiff until you start moving around. The less toxic a person is, the less stiff he or she will be after periods of inactivity. Many great forms of exercise are available. I recommend walking, swimming, rebounding, tai chi, stretching, yoga, passive aerobic exercise, to name a few, as anyone in almost any condition can do these forms, in part or whole. Keep yourself active. If you are in a weakened state, build up slowly, but increase your activity level as much as you can every day. Exercise is essential to becoming healthy.

8. Massage

The pressure applied to the body during massage helps stimulate the circulatory system. Massage helps our bodies eliminate toxic waste. Lymphatic drainage massage stimulates the lymph nodes so our bodies can cleanse/detox themselves. It is very important to drink lots of water after a massage to help the body flush out the toxins.

9. Dry skin brushing

Remember that you eliminate up to two pounds of metabolic wastes and toxins per day through your skin. It is your largest eliminating organ. When the layers of your skin become full of acids and toxins you develop rashes, pimples, boils, and other conditions. great way to enhance skin health is through dry skin brushing. This removes old and dead skin cells and promotes circulation and lymph flow, allowing the skin to “breathe” much better. All you need is a long-handled vegetable-fiber brush, which is generally available at your local health food store. Do not use a nylon-bristle brush for the skin. Brush your feet, legs, and hands first. It does not matter which direction you brush in, however brushing toward the center of your body is beneficial. Since there are nerve endings in your hands and feet, you will experience a tingling sensation as you stimulate your nervous system. Cleaning the skin in this manner is of great benefit to gain vibrant, healthy skin.

10. Saunas and steam baths

Sweating plays an essential role in daily detoxification. The skin, called the third kidney, eliminates as much waste (by-products and toxins) as your lungs, kidneys, and bowels. The subcutaneous layers of the skin become clogged or stagnant with toxicity. This causes dry skin, rashes, pimples, rosacea, dandruff, dermatitis and the like. Sweating is an essential mechanism for getting healthy. Saunas and steam baths are extremely beneficial, especially when using various essential oils.

11. Lying down at a 45-degree angle

By lying down with your head lower than your feet you can improve cerebral circulation and increase lymphatic flow in the lower extremities. After years of living upright, gravity can take its toll on your body. We develop poor cerebral circulation and edema in our legs and feet. Our skin and organs begin to sag and prolapse, restricting proper functions. The slant board is a great way to return good blood flow to the brain. This can also help our internal organs, relieving some of the pressure that gravity puts on them.

12. Deep breathing

The air we breathe is the life force for our physical body. Oxygen, of course, is vital to your life. It is a great energizer, alkalizer, and oxidizer. The air we breathe (which is created by plants and trees) is alkaline, while the carbon dioxide by-products we exhale are acidic. Being a predominately alkaline species, it is vital that we learn to breathe properly and spend some time deep breathing. This charges the system with negative ions creating a cationic condition in the body, whereas shallow breathing creates over-acidity and an anionic situation in the body. Oxygen and simple sugars are the main fuels for our cells, as carbon dioxide is one of the main fuels for plants. Deep breathing energizes the system, increasing circulation and lymph flow. Deep breathing also clears the mind and settles the emotions, allowing us to feel more at peace with ourselves and with nature.

13. Mental and emotional detox

True detox must take place on all levels. If you want to attain true health and vitality, you must detox your physical body as well as your thoughts and emotions. Thoughts and emotions stick like glue to your cells and create subtle obstructions that you can carry for a lifetime. Start by observing your thoughts and feelings, and try not to hold on to anything. Let these obstructions go. In this way, the flow of energy and love can dominate inside you once again. This is truly the road to vitality, spirituality, and balance.


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